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About Us

This company has worked with top brands for over 3 years now on contracts, now as  a private company to support small business owners with strategies & products to startup their own business & achieve good results In their businesses, we hope to give you the same successful value that we've given and are still giving to those popular boutiques & more if you'll let us.

We're the secret sauce that most successful brands admired all over the world have used over the years to boost their sales growth by 1000%.

We expect you to maximize the full potentials of this brand to grow your business and also give us progress reports( we like to see the numbers from time to time) that's how we know that we're making a difference. We've had rookie business owners make everything from $2k to $15k & above at launch, these are the type of results we work with you to achieve and we love to see it. You'll be prompted on sponsored ads, influencer marketing or strategies etc per your business level and we expect you to follow through, if any of this sounds like something you can't do, please don't buy ANY of our products, we value quality over quantity. We intend to continously uphold the values of this community.

Over time, as you do business with us, you'll understand the Uduak-Abasi effect that comes with ALL our products to achieve the hot in demand and constant 'sold out' used by ALL our clients.

You'll also understand why we're the go-to supplier for top business owners for products.

Our goal is to build a community of successful business owners 

If it's not from us, it can't be like ours, you can't get the same effect constantly from ANY other supplier.

If you're in this business to make more money, build a successful brand and achieve financial freedom, we're here to hold your hand through the process by not only giving you the right products but a standard support service to answer any questions you have and offer guidelines on how to navigate your entrepreneurial journey to success.

We offer everything from private label services to regular supply of products for startups.

You may buy the same product we provide elsewhere, but you can't get the same effect that comes with our product from any other supplier, you can try it out yourself to see the difference